Cansearch logo - Casestudy

Logo projects are some of the most fun to have when it comes to creative work. They require insight on a multitude of factors such as name, medium, theme and much more. In this post we will be going through a few insights on what it takes to draft out a simple concept.

One important factor that dictates the creative direction of a brand logo is the brand name. Famous brands such as Chic-Fil-A and Apple take advantage of their name to create a design that is clearly relevant to the brand name.  







Closely followed to the brand name is the medium that which houses the logo - by medium we are referring to the predominant media source that the logo will be showcased. Is it a brand that's focus medium is a website? or an app? or maybe its media is predominantly presented in documents.

Alongside with medium, the theme of the brand is naturally built. This is often driven by the product USP, niche market, and the associated product industry. In some cases, the brand name can drive the theme. We can start by thinking about the category, is it in fashion, sports, health, nature etc. Sometimes the name of the brand can give away the theme. That's not always the case though. For example Yahoo does have much meaning relative to its topic.  







In our case, the company name is CanSearch - and the brand focuses on presenting local cancer clinical trials in surrounding areas.

At Starleap, our team takes your brand name at heart. With the name 'CanSearch' - it was clear the client had hit the nail as far as the brand name being relevant to the topic.

Essentially there was two parts to start exploring creative solutions.

First we took a look at cancer logos. Predominantly they turn out to be the famous international symbol of the pink/purple ribbon. It is said that the pink in the ribbon represents hope for the future.  






Then we took a look at search logos :mag:. As you can see below, the majority of the results were the familiar search icon. That is good news! Familiar icons that are easily recognizable can work to benefit us when it comes to designing a logo that easily oozes its context.







We wanted to quickly rough draft out something that was a mesh between both the cancer logos and search logos. Our primary design would be that a search icon enclosed within the famous cancer ribbon.  






The above was just a rough draft and it completely encapsulate the feel of the ribbon. Looking closer at the intended design, it was clear that we needed a more natural "flowly" look like the image blow. A Good direction was to cut one half or a cancer ribbon and mold it into place inside the search logo.







As we begin to implement the changes it was clear that our previous hunches were correct and the design turned out great! At this point we were still in the rough draft phase so a'lot of our lines and gradients had to be cleaned out.








One of our designers opted to add some expressionism into it. If you look closely you can make out an eye with a smiling face (something like what Amazon does).








Sadly though as a team and a company we must strike a fine balance between our vision and what the client wants. They loved the design, but opted for a cleaner look so ended up removing the expressions.

Our designer ended up cleaning up the logo further. Not only that but per the clients request - we ended up making the ribbons sleeker.